Transform - Empower yourself to fitness and health.

TRANSFORM yourself to fitness and health now! In this powerful new book, fitness enthusiast Matthew Lou and physician Dr Frederick Ee have come together to share simple steps that you can take to attain your weight-related goals, improve your fitness level, and ultimately enjoy better health. 

Applying the analogy of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, Transform aims to inspire hope for all who wish to improve their overall health and fitness. Transform emphasises long-term weight management and improvement in overall fitness and health through a positive mind-set shift, showing how nutrition and exercise really work, and sustainable lifestyle changes. The concepts discussed are comprehensive yet easy-to-understand. 

As two ordinary individuals juggling with everyday commitments, Matthew and Frederick share their insights on the real-life challenges and obstacles that you may encounter or expect in your pursue of better fitness and health.

Exploding with a diverse palette of the authors’ personal experiences, insights, stories, metaphors, facts, and ways you can take action; let Transform ignite that spark within you!

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